TUXWANG Car Neck Pillow Headrest Travel Pillow Car Seat Head Neck Support Pillow (Black)

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  • Happy Car Travel - This car pillow is mainly designed to provide you the support you lack while sleeping and maintain your proper posture. It supports head on both sides, giving you a more comfortable and relaxing drive experience. It is suitable for most car headrest seats with poles. And make sure that the seat poles distance should be more than 9cm (3.54inch).
  • Easy to Install - The headrest neck support pillow is detachable, it will be so easy for you to fix it on the car seat pole. Connect the supportive bars, then choose the suitable rubber plugs to fix on the poles of the car seat. And fix the bars onto the plugs. Finally use the screwdriver to screw the covers tightly.
  • Adjustable Support Pads - 180°rotation in vertical, the two pads can be lift up and down, you can choose your own comfortable position. Just lift them up if you don’t need it, save space in car. The distance of the two pads can also be adjusted by choosing the slots position on the bars.
  • High Quality Materials - Unlike those slim cheap plastic and nylon fabric made pillows, our pillow is made of high quality, thick and strong ABS plastics rods, it won’t bend or break. And the PVC leather filled with soft sponge is more comfortable and breathable, and the PVC leather cover can be taken off to clean.
  • Comfortable Side Sleep Support - Our car pillow will comfortably support the head and neck on side, relax the muscles, and prevent floating neck caused by prolonged bending, fatigue, and pain. And it will protect you head from hurting if the car take a sudden turn.