2 Pack of Two Channel Folding Universal Rear Entertainment System Infrared Headphones Wireless IR DVD Player Head Phones for in Car TV Video Audio Listening

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  • This 2-pack of wireless IR headphones is the perfect travel companion for families! Drive in peace and keep kids entertained on long road trips. Enjoy in car listening without the hassle of cables or use them on any device with an aux cable. can be used with an IR transmitter (not included) to enjoy late night TV shows without disturbing your family or kids can leave you a peaceful space by using it to watch their favorite cartoons or play games. Plus they fold up for easy, convenient storage.
  • Power Saving Vehicle Headphones: Can provide up to 20 hours of continuous working time. Automatic shut off prevents batteries from draining when left on to ensure maximum battery life. 3.5mm Aux jack with Aux cable included, for use with iPad, iPhone and Tablet PC etc.
  • Two Channel Universal Rear Entertainment System headphones- this allows for two people to watch different movies at the same time without interference by switching to A/B channel.
  • These will not work if your screens are in the headrest and they are not Bluetooth Headphones. For IR systems only or to be used with an infrared transmitter- not included.
  • IR Sensors: Uses high frequency infrared light to assure great sounding clear reception.