ARROW T50 Staples Pack Set #508SS1 1/2'' 12mm and #506SS1 3/8'' 10mm

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  • The T50 staple pack set is made of stainless steel, #506SS1 includes 1000 count staples: 3/8’’ crown size, 3/8’’leg length; T50 508SS1 includes 1000 count staples: 1/2’’ leg length.
  • Ideal for heavy duty stapling jobs such as insulation, carpet under laying and roofing felt.
  • Universal fit with ARROW T50, Dewalt, Bostitch, Stanley, Surebonder and other brands that use T50 (3/8''or 1/2'') Staples.
  • Stainless-steel construction designed to resist rust for durability.
  • Rust-resistant finish suitable for wet, non-saltwater locations, not intended for use in marine conditions and harsh saltwater applications.