Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter (Butane Gas Not Included,Black)

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  • Professional Quality Culinary Torch: it is suitable for professional and creative family cooks. It is widely used in the processing of delicious caramel desserts, meat barbecue, cigar lighter, small handicraft and so on
  • Refillable and Adjustable Culinary Torch - adjustable flame intensity temperature can reach up to 1300 c/2500 F to meet various needs
  • This product does not come with butane fuel, so it needs to buy 8-10g butane gas with filling capacity (the bottom of the product is inflatable imported)
  • Refillable&Easy to Operate Refill the culinary torch with butane, simply slide the security lock to open, then press the button, and the flame lit. Easy and precise manipulation.
  • This cooking torch is designed with security lock to prevent against improper operation and accidental ignition. Its made of durable aluminum alloy metal body and non-slip grip, for long lasting use.