niupipo Pickleball Paddles, 2 Graphite Pickleball Paddles Set Lightweight 8oz Pickleball Rackets Honeycomb Composite Core Pickleball Paddle Edge Guard Ultra Cushion Grip Pickleball Racquet with Cover

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  • OPTIMAL BALANCE BETWEEN POWER & CONTROL - Graphite pickleball paddle is made of a graphite-honeycomb composition for an ideal level of strength and stiffness with a surprisingly lightweight. The niupipo pickleball paddle is a great combination for added control and power hitting. Your shots will be more accurate and have much more control over how much force you put into the pickleball. This pickleball racket will help you liberate your power like never before.
  • IMPROVED STRENGTH BY THE HONEYCOMB CORE - The interior of our pickleball racquets are constructed by polymer honeycomb and sandwiched between two sheets of durable fibreglass. The pickleball paddles offer great energy to spin the balls. This graphite pickleball paddle is made of exceptionally durable material that allows it to withstand a strike from balls. Utilizing the best honeycomb cell technology, this pickleball racket will help you win any challenge on the court.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRAPHITE PICKLEBALL PADDLE - When you want greater control on the court, pick up this 8oz graphite pickleball paddle. We use the best graphite and professional design to make sure niupipo pickleball paddles are light-weighted and soft-edged. Pickleball paddles are examined for widespread surface impact. The surface of pickleball rackets has superior grip for putting extra spin on the ball. The niupipo pickleball paddle can provide a resilient surface with sound consistency.
  • COMFORT ERGONOMIC GRIP & PROTECT - The pickleball paddles is comfortable and easy to hold. Each pickleball racquet features a specially designed 4-1/2” size comfort grip that minimizes slipping while maximizing balance. The graphite pickleball paddle also offers added comfort and control on every hit. There is a black edge around the periphery of the pickleball racket to protect its edges as well as balance your paddle.
  • HELP YOU WIN THE VICTORY - Having a high-quality graphite pickleball paddle can completely transform your game! Pickleball paddles made with a high-tech polymer honeycomb and sealed with a glass fibre surface. Pickleball racquets are not only strong but also thin and light. High quality, optimum mechanical performance, super lightweight and easy to use. The pickleball paddles will help you win more games and enjoy your time on the court.