UNIX Air Circle Uam-8800 Pressure Circulation System Blood Circulation 220v

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•Made in Korea
•Relaxing & Body Soothing
•Power: AC220V,60HZ/20VA (If your local AC power supply AC100 ~ 120V, you will need a converter or transformer for conversion from 220VAC to 110VAC)
•Free Gift : Made in Korea 220VAC -> 110VAC Converter

•Longest length of the boot- 89~90cm
•Shortest lgngth of the boot (Back length from heel to the top)- 73cm
•Length of foot - 28.5~29cm
•High up-end girth - 60cm
•Low ankle girth - 36cm

•Pressure: Low to High
•Time: 15min to 30 min
•Model : UAM-8800