Viva Naturals Organic Lemon Essential Oil 1 oz - Pure Lemon Oil for Diffuser or DIY Cleaning and Skin Care Blends

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With its vibrant, uplifting scent, our organic lemon essential oil makes any time me-time. It’s cold-pressed, Non-GMO Project Verified and third-party tested, so you know you’re getting a pure oil that’s free of what you don’t want — hexanes, additives, or solvents. And that makes it super-easy to fit into your daily routine. Love the idea of DIY? Whether you use lemon essential oil for skin care blends, mix up a lemon essential oil spray to freshen up your living space, or use as a lemon diffuser oil, it’s custom-made self-care that keeps it natural. Click Add to Cart now to see why so many label lemon oil as a true go-to.

How is the oil extracted/processed?

Our organic lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the outer layer of fresh, organic lemons grown in Spain. That means, it’s extracted without the use of heat, hexanes or harsh chemicals to preserve its fresh, clean scent.

Can I use it in skincare blends?

You can! When using our organic lemon oil for skin care blends like a face toner (it is a natural astringent) or lemon body oil, there a few important things to note: First, dilute it so that it makes up 1% of the blend (as a rule of thumb, that’s about 6 drops per 1 oz of carrier oil). Why? Since natural essential oils are highly concentrated, they should be used with care (that means, doing a patch test first is a good idea, too.) Also, since pure lemon essential oil can make your skin sensitive to sunlight, it’s great to use it at nighttime (so your skin’s away from UV rays for up to 12 hours).

Best uses:
Lemon oil cleaning products (great added to floor or window cleaning solutions — just avoid using on granite or stone, as it could corrode the surface)
Add a drop or two to your trash cans to keep them fresh
Essential oil spray
Skin toner
Body oil