Policy & FAQs

50% discount available for sharing your KoreanBro experience

You may share KoreanBro experiences on SNS, Social media, Blogs, Reddit etc. and receive a 50% coupon on the KoreanBro fee on your next order.  Send us the link of your review in the Coupon code section of the order form to receive the discount (max $20USD).  Social media accounts must have 100+ followers to be eligible.  No requirement for Blogs, Reddit or other posts.


Our overall process

1. Purchase Request
We issue you 2 separate invoices since exact Shipping rates can only be calculated after item arrival in Korea since weight, size can't be confirmed before arrival.  We can quote you an estimated shipping rate first and send you 2 separate invoices for purchase and shipping.



2. Shipping Only Service



3. Payment

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal.  We accept currencies below supported by Paypal. The currency is chosen when you place your order.

We accept bank T/T transfers to Korean bank account or US bank account.



4. Fee

    1) Fee for the Purchase request

         - 10% of the total purchase

         - US$5 for the minimum charge

         -  No minimum charge for Koreanbro website members

         - We will send you 2 invoices for Product purchase and actual shipping cost


     2) Fee for Shipping service

         - 8% of the total shipping cost

         - US$3 for the minimum charge

         - Combine fee $2/ each domestic arrival in Korea



5. Shipment

We provide 3 types of traceable shipping methods, Korea post registered airmail, EMS, and FedEx Express.

*Mists, Spray, Electronics contains lithium batteries cannot be sent via EMS and Korea Post, only available via FEDEX.

If you want, We can pour the contents of a mist into a non-spray bottle and send the regular bottle with the empty original spray bottle.


You can also check Korea post's EMS calculator to estimate your shipping cost.

Any orders that have not been paid for 2 months after the shipping invoice was sent will be considered abandoned.


Refund note: If you order 1 product and then change your mind after we have ordered it, we will refund your payment after deducting the minimum KoreanBro’s handling fee of $5



Will I have to pay customs taxes in my own country?

The rules regarding taxes are different in each country.  Packages above a certain value may be taxed.  Please check with customs in your country to find out if there will be any duties levied on the products you purchase. KoreanBro is not responsible for any taxes that may be charged by your countries Customs.


How Do I Track My Order?

To track orders sent via EMS follow this link. Tracking numbers have the format EMXXXXXXXXXKR.

Airmail can be tracked while it’s in Korea from the same link as EMS (international parcels option) and tracking codes have the format CRXXXXXXXXXKR.  As soon as the package leaves Korea it can be tracked on your home country’s post office website.  The updates are not as frequent or as quick as EMS. Also, some countries don’t even bother to update the tracking information. USPS does update.

All regular mail packages we send are registered however they cannot be tracked outside of Korea.


What Happens if my Items are Lost in the Mail?

KoreanBro cannot be responsible for items lost in the mail. To date, only 2~3 parcels have been lost so the chances of this happening are far less than 0.5%. If you have a high-value item or are worried about the item being lost, KoreanBro recommends choosing the EMS or FEDEX option so the package can be tracked with a tracking number. Orders over 150,000KRW must be sent by airmail or EMS. We strongly recommend adding insurance to items over $500.

*When you get an insurance, we have to declare full price of the parcel for coverage.


How Do I Cancel or Change My Order?

To cancel your order before KoreanBro orders your item, simply send us a message through the chat or contact us on our website. After we’ve ordered your item, we have to follow the return policies of the companies we’ve purchased the items from. We’ll handle all communications for returns or changes so you don’t have to worry. To add a product to your order, simply submit another order through the order forms here and be sure to write me a note that it is an addition to an existing order.


You can change your order before the order has been shipped for no extra cost. However, domestic shipping cost will  be charged.



Can I Return a Product?

KoreanBro follows the selling companies return policies. Most companies allow returns within a 7-day window in Korea. Once you receive photos of your order please let us know quickly if you would like to return/exchange a product. Once a product is shipped internationally, we do not accept any returns.


*Refund note: If you order 1 product and then change your mind after we have ordered it, we will refund your payment minus the minimum KoreanBro’s handling fee of $5.