Fingerprint Door Lock TR821 Hook Type Keyless TR812 Doorlock H-GANG Passcode

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Dimensions(Outdoor) 74(w) X 179(H) X 24.1(D) mm Dimensions(Indoor) 162(w) X 93(H) X 36(D) mm
Color Black Authentication Passcode, Fingerprint
Door Thickness 35 ~ 50mm Passcode 4 to 12 digits
Power Alkaline LR6 AA x 4
(not included)
Outer Body Al, Zn, Pc
Fingerprint Up to 100 available Inner Body Al, Zn, ABS

H-GANG TR821 Fingerprint Doorlock

Hook Type / Keyless Lock / Electronic Keypad / Passcode

  • Hook Type Inside Body
  • Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock
  • Thinner and More Elegant Design
  • Faster Fingerprint Recognition
  • Auto Cover Safely Protect Fingerprint Scanner
  • Smart Door Lock Leaving No Fingerprints on Screen
  • Highly Durable Body Made of Metal
  • Auto/Repeated/Double Lock
  • Safe Use of Passwords by Random Number Functions
  • Registering Multipe Plasswords/Fingerprints
  • Multi-Level Volume Control/Selective Mute Function
  • White Light Button Makes You See Keyad Even in Dark Place
  • Emgergency Power Function (Square 9V Battery)
  • High Voltage/FireHacking Prevention System
  • Automatic/Manual locking
  • Fire Sensing Function
  • Digital Door Lock
  • Keyless Door Lock
  • Electronic Keypad
  • Batteries are not included because of air parcel security policy.
  • You can choose the direction (left or right) when you install it.
  • English User's Manual will be provided. (pdf file)
Fingerprint Recognition
The fingerprint recognition technology is designed to be easily used by users and
thoroughly maintain security.

Advantages of H-GANG Security’s Fingerprint Scanner
  1. It remains no trace of fingerprints, and prevents the trace of your fingerprints from forgery and falsification.
  2. It is much smaller than other types of sensors, and allows to create a thinner and more elegant digital door lock.
  3. It recognizes your fingerprints faster and better, and allows you to use it conveniently.
  4. The auto cover usually protects the fingerprint detector, and allows you to safely manage the detector. When you want to scan your fingerprint, just touch sensor and the cover will be opend automatically. 
Multi-Touch Security Function
It randomly displays additional numbers to remain no trace of fingerprints on buttons and
prevent the password theft.
After the password is entered, it displays random numbers such as 1-2-3, 4-5-6, or 7-8-9
and remains no trace of fingerprints.

Random Number Entering
The door is unlocked even by entering the combination of random numbers and password,
and no trace of fingerprints is left on the touch screen.
You can feel the priority of H-GANG Security’s business philosophy: the safety and
convenience of customers.

High Temperature Alarm
The temperature sensor on the inner body of door lock sounds alarm when detecting an
abnormal increase of internal temperature.
It sounds very loud alarm (over 80 decibel) when detecting the internal temperature
reaches at 62℃±5℃ and regarding there is a fire. It also automatically unlocks the door
for the safety of users.

Intrusion Alarm
It sounds alarm when detecting that the door is forced to be opened. It sounds very loud
alarm (over 80 decibel) when detecting the door is unlocked by an attempt to open the
locked door through gaps or other abnormal methods.

Thinner and Elegant Design
Thinner and More Elegant! This fingerprint door lock is designed to be thinner and more
elegant than other ordinary optical fingerprint recognition door locks by using finger-print
scanning method.

Indoor Body - Hook Type
We made the body of door lock with aluminum, a very strong material and resistant to fire,
700°C of heat, and impact, to provide you a safe product.



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