[InBody] H20B Body Fat Analyzer Weight Muscle measured (Free Expedited shipping)

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[InBody] H20B Body Fat Analyzer Weight Muscle measured within 5 seconds Scale


-Even though the weight is the same, it can look differently depending on the body fat. Weigh body fat and manage body line effectively.

-Display Language on the machine is Korean(Height/Weight/Body fat percentage/Muscle mass/Visceral fat) Height unit CM, Weight unit KG

-Installation CD is not included. It can be used with smartphone App. (App : Android 4.0 or latest / iPhone 4S or latest) Search "inbody". 

Default language is Korean. English/Chinese can be set. Unit support : kg, lbs, cm, inch, kcal, kJ


-Dimensions : 310.3x356.4x58.3(mm) / 2.7Kg 

-Bioelectrical impedance (BIA) Measurement items 

-Electrode method : 4-pole 8 points touch 

-How to measure : Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impecance AnalysisMethod, DSM-BIA 

-Body composition calculation : Exclusion experienced variables 

-Results Items(LCD Screen) : Weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat level 

 (Body fat volume, BMI, BMR, etc. You can see from the web or apps) 

-Current use : 100㎂ 

-Power consumption : DC 6V(1.5V AA Battery 4ea) 

-Display Screen : Customized LCD 

-Color : Soft White 

-Measurement time : Impedance measured within 5 seconds 

-Operating Environment : 10~40˚C, 30~75%RH, 70~106kPa 

-Storage Environment : -20~70˚C, 10~95%RH, 50~106kPa (No Condensation) 

-Measuring weight : 10~150Kg 

-Height range : 50~300cm 


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