Samsung SHS-2621 EX Door Lock + Remote + 6 KeyTags

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Samsung SHS-2621 EX Remote Door Lock  + 6 KeyTags + English Manual / Similar SHS-2320

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New Self Diagnosing Status Icons Create a Door Lock with Distinction!

System maintenance is made simple and easy with the new pleasurable and easy-to-read icons. Users are able to check their system’s status, such as battery life and current set-up, through the attached screen.

Password and Smart Card Double Authentication Mode

Additional security is available using the double authentication mode. It is in this mode that the door will only open after both the password and the key-tag has been recognized and confirmed.

※ While using the double authentication mode, it is important that users are careful to not forget their password.

Random Security code Feature

With the random security code feautre, homeowners can feel extra safe that passwords will never be exposed. After pressing enter, utilizing a two digit random number input system before inputting one’s pre-determined password increases security and safety.

One-Touch Security Setup

Simply pressing the security button before going out enhances the security during an emergency. In this setup, any attempt to forced entry attempts or any repeated authentication failures will trigger an alarm sound. In addition, when using the security setup, any attempt to handle the lock-system from the inside, such as,after an intruder enters through the window and exits through the door, the alarm will trigger.

Double the Security with Automatic Locking and Double-lock Features

The automatic lock eliminates the need for users to manually lock when going out. If needed, users can utilize the double-locking feature designed to keep doors locked even with the password and key tag confirmation. Particularly, this feature helps give parent's with young children peace of mind if children accidentally go out unattended and to prevent intruders from using alternative door openings such as pet doors to break in.

Greater Safety in an Emergency with the Samsung Digital Door Lock's Security Assurance Features

Having surpassed many tests including withstanding high-voltage electric surges, simulated theft scenarios, and fire with impressive results, one's security is guaranteed with high quality, and innovative technology. In the case of a fire, and when temperatures reach over 60 degrees celsius, the system is specifically designed to trigger the alarm and unlock the door thereby allowing the user to manually open the door using the lever in case the lock loses its electronic functions.

Key Pad Volume Control

With the ability to set and adjust the number pad volume, this feature makes living more comfortable if arriving home late at night or when a baby is sleeping.

Low battery warning signal

When battery replacement time approaches, a melody rings whenever the door opens, providing safety reminds and greater convenience.

Emergency Power Supply Feature

In the event that batteries run out, the door can be opened from the outside by using a 9V battery.

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